Designing American Homes Since 1981

Anthony Baratta, the king of East-Coast chic, is one of the most celebrated and respected interior designers of the day with a global following of loyal fans. He is known for his bold use of color and scale that honors tradition while defying predictability.

His design work has graced over 50 magazine covers worldwide and he has received consistent coverage in respected shelter and media brand such as Architectural Digest, World of Interiors, Traditional Home, House Beautiful, Cottages and Gardens, Veranda, Coastal Living and World of Interiors. His own homes have appeared in the New York Times Magazine on three separate occasions.

Baratta’s work has been celebrated in the Cooper-Hewitt Museum’s National Design Triennial: Inside Design Now. He was named one of Traditional Homes “20 Design Icons” and awarded Benjamin Moore’s coveted “Hue Award” for lifetime achievement in design.

His new furniture collection with the venerable Thomasville Brand, consist of a 40 plus collection of upholstery, case pieces, mirrors and accent furniture.

In addition, his signature bedding collection with industry leader Wildcat Territory, perfectly compliment his bedroom furniture for retailers and designers alike.  In 2017 Baratta launched a spectacular collection of rug designs with America’s 100 yr. old classic rug manufacturer Capel Rugs.

Baratta a graduate of Fordham University has coauthored 2 books: The Exuberant Style of William Diamond and Anthony Baratta; and Diamond Baratta Design.

He has an active social media audience of over 20,000 followers on Instagram and 30,000 on Facebook who he continues to delight with images of his over 35 years of interior design.




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